Are we really HANDMADE?

What does "HANDMADE" really mean?

At My Fave Straps it means our straps are handmade using imported materials.  

So what does THAT mean?

It means we source materials and supplies from vendors in Canada, the USA and overseas.  These are "raw" materials manufactured by a company that specializes in that item.  Like plastic/metal buckles, webbing, jacquard ribbon, leather, fabric, scarves etc.  We buy the supplies in bulk, and then we follow a "recipe" to assemble and sew each individual strap.   See our current workspace below.

Is EVERYTHING on your site handmade?  

90% YES.  The remaining 10% are items that fit within our brand and are a wonderful additional to our product line.  We LOVE our phone stretches, but we don't make them.  So in cases like this we research out suppliers that meet our quality standards and purchase accordingly.  

Don't want items like that? NO PROBLEM!

We are VERY clear in our listings if the item is handmade in Okotoks, or sourced otherwise with origin info.  And if you are still not 100% sure, send us an email at and we will gladly discuss the item in question with you.  


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