Welcome to My Fave Straps (nee Envy Straps). 

After cruising through my site, my booth or home studio, you have probably pegged me as a photographer.  Or a musician.  Or maybe a yogi.  


I know NOTHING about cameras or guitars.  I know a little about downward dog, and I know whole lot about my true passion - sewing.   

My first (and best selling) product, the Camera Harness, was designed after my dear friend Michelle (Michelle Gier Photography) had shared with me how heavy her camera was, and how frustrating it is to have to carry it in a camera bag when her neck got too tired and strained from the camera strap.  She wanted a better way to travel with her camera.  So, for fun I designed her a camera harness and what do you know - she loved it!  She loved it so much she showed it off to everyone she knew and it turns out they wanted one too!   I began to realize that camera strap neck strain wasn’t an isolated problem.  In that moment I knew I wanted my camera harness to be available to all photographers so they could capture their images in comfort too.  

And so it began -  I registered my company, I created a website and I signed up for a few artisan markets.   

Since then, my collection has grown substantially and ranges from camera straps to guitar straps to luggage straps to purse straps and even sustainable gift wrap.  And I am proud to say that each and every one of these straps & wraps were designed because a customer took the time to share an idea with me.  


For every comment, idea and request for a strap.  For every review, and for every test run. THANK YOU.  You are the reason why my collection continues to grow and why our straps truly are your favorites.  

My Fave Strap & Wraps products continue to be handmade in Okotoks, AB, Canada and we pride ourselves on providing you with an exceptionally well made product that will perform exactly as it should and keep you looking fabulous!  

So what are you waiting for?  Go check out our amazing straps & wraps and see which one is perfect for your next adventure or celebration!